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Hippodrome de Paris

de Paris

LAHO Business center
Yachts de Paris
Port Henri IV or Port de Javel Haut, 75004 or 75015 Paris
Starting at €140 per person
Up to 2,000 people
11 spaces available
Available for private hire


Another way of looking at events. A unique working environment for your teams and a meeting space for all of your professional events.
It’s the very essence of Yachts de Paris: to offer a wide range of tailor-made and modular possibilities to each company and event in order to create wonderful moments.


Your choice of boat, itinerary and activities: with 1,500 events organised each year, Yachts de Paris has the skill and experience to make any event a success.


  • + Ultra-connectivity
  • + Flexibility
  • + Tailor-made
  • + Efficiency
  • + Comfort
  • + Refinement


Contact us

Commercial service

Sales management

+33 (0) 1 44 54 14 70

The venue

get to know the place

A unique offer

Yachts de Paris offers a unique and tailor-made experience that can meet all your event needs, professional and private alike.


On board one of 8 yachts, ranging in size from intimate to vast, or in a room on the banks of the river, enjoy a business lunch or a prestigious evening party, with the magic of the Seine sure to cast a spell.


Everything for your events

Our services and Equipments

  • .Technical
  • Projection screen
  • Video projector
  • Air-conditionned
  • .Restoration
  • Meals
  • .Accessibility
  • Parking
  • .Comfort
  • Animations

Our Services

Private events
Dancing evenings
Terrace / Garden


Don Juan II welcomes you on board every evening for an irresistible journey through the centre of Paris. Experience Parisian chic.

Our equipments

Projection screen
Mic & sound system
Air conditionned

Our rooms

at your disposal
Rooms Surface
Cachemire 22m2 8 - - - 12 15
Acajou 80m2 45 35 - - 30 90
Victoria 90m2 45 35 - - 30 -
Excellence 160m2 120 60 - 30 40 180
Mirage 285m2 180 100 - 30 60 230
Le Paquebot 700m2 250 180 - 90 - 800
Les Salons Nework 800m2 450 300 - - - 700
Le Paquebot + les Salons Nework 1500m2 700 730 - - 1500
L'Atelier 140m2 - - - - - 80
La Barge Liberty 600m2 150 60 - 72 72 150
  • Paquebot
  • Cachemire
  • Mirage
  • Acajou
  • Excellence


Yachts and rooms

Access to the venue

Find us quickly
Yachts de Paris Port Henri IV or Port de Javel Haut , 75004 or 75015 Paris
LINE 5, 7 OR 10

Sully Morland and Quai de la Rapée stations


Line C


Parking available on site