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From Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm

+33 (0)1 83 77 40 00 (price of a local call in France)


An advisor will contact you very soon to give you complimentary informations. 

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Your goals


Do you want to leave a lasting mark and reveal your latest news in a larger than life way? We’ll help you give your event some showbiz pizzazz so that you can astonish and amaze your audience.


hether you’re launching a product, having an annual meeting, hosting a corporate seminar or giving a press conference, you’re going to want to impress your guests and ensure that your presentation is a key moment for your company. Our out-of-the-ordinary venues, sometimes without any equivalent anywhere in the world, are sure to guarantee a memorable moment for your guests. A presentation followed by a dinner show at the Lido de Paris, a fashion show in a modern concert hall with perfect acoustics, a dinner for a few lucky guests in the gallery of the Petit Palais... Our confidential addresses stand apart from ordinary reception rooms and offer your guests the opportunity to have a genuinely new experience.


Beyond providing a prestigious space, we also give you advice on how to stage your event, working in close collaboration with you down to the smallest details. We ensure technical coordination, cutting-edge equipment and excellent connectivity. You’ll be well-served by a space that’s perfectly adapted to complicated requests and diverse configurations. Refined and creative gastronomy will add the perfect finishing touch to your event and ensure that it's an unquestioned success. 


Take advantage of the theatrical excellence of our entertainment venues like the Lido de Paris


You guests will be delighted by delicious food, whether it be provided by Lenôtre or made on site by our chefs


Our teams of expert professionals pay attention to every last detail to ensure that your event meets your expectations

Case Study

An example of what can be done

Number of guests



Organise an exceptional dinner to win over major international purchasers

Our proposal

  • An elite dinner in the gallery of the Petit Palais, conceived by Guy Krenzer, Creative Director at Lenôtre


  • Purchasers won over by this original and exceptional evening in Paris


Some venues that could interest you